12 Days of iTunes

10 12 2008


On the 12th day of Christmas my iTunes gave to me, DRM Free tracks? Well folks, that seems to be word that has been grinding in the rumor-mill. Apple is apparently removing the DRM on a huge number of tracks that the online-music store giant is currently offering. This rumor has been pretty much confirmed. We have heard news that that Sony, Universal and Warner will start selling their contents unprotected starting tomorrow. This means that we will no longer require that absurd authorization to play our music on our friends and families’ computers that have not been authorized. This news comes from ElectronLibre, a French site that accurately predicted the French iTunes TV shows.

Another big news that we have heard with regards to the iTunes store is Big Christmas Giveaways. That’s right guys, dubbed the Twelve Days of iTunes, this give-away will extend to Applications, Songs, TV Shows and Movies. According to our sources this is set to launch in the European Countries from the 26th of December to the 6th of January. This is very unusual of Apple. Besides their weekly offerings of 2 free songs, some TV Show episodes and a Music Video, they have never done anything of this scale. And free app offerings are usually done by the App Makers themselves. These free stuffs are also usually a means to drive sales of unpopular or upcoming artists.

I’m not sure about you, but if this proves to be true, I’m sure as hell going to down load as much as I can stuff into my Hard-disks. I also hope that these offer doesn’t remain locked within Europe, but extends to the US and other countries as well. After all, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving.


Tethering to come soon to iPhone

7 11 2008

According to Gizmodo, it seems that AT&T has given the promise of GPRS Tethering to the iPhone “soon”. What would this mean for the once alive application NetShare? Would Apple perhaps include an option in settings. Could this be a feature reserved for the final build of 2.2? No one can really be sure with Apple. But if AT&T was the only thing stopping Apple from including tethering, well, it’s about time.

iPhone Firmware 2.1

13 09 2008

Hey all,

We’ve all experienced the buggyness of the iPhone 3G, the memory leak during texting, and the slow Maps. Now with Firmware 2.1, everything changes, including the extension of battery life which I find pretty amazing. It could last (and is still lasting) a whole day with 3G turned on, and frequent syncs with MobileMe.

Microsoft Exchange has become significantly faster, with calendars moving very zippy. The new Genius function for the iPhone is quite remarkable, making the decisions of which tracks go together, rather than you do it yourself. There are now the artist’s names under each of the songs, and the scrolling is just marvelous.

It appears that every time, Apple finds something wrong, they fix a whole bunch of things we would never have expected. I had almost regretted buying an iPhone, but now with the firmware update, things could never have been faster and easier to do.

However, The App Store in Singapore, still needs some working on. For instance, there are no gift cards to redeem, and for some of us without credit cards, this could get quite frustrating. There should be an option for no credit card, and just the pure value on the gift cards. 

The full review for iPhone is coming soon… and so with the new 4th Generation, iPod Nano 16GB!

Let’s Rock, Indeed

10 09 2008


Okay folks. We gave just seen El Jobsco releasing a whole plethora if updates and new product releases. This was perhaps one of the most leaked event in the history of Apple events but hey, even Old Jobs was cool about it! So here is the event wrap up.


Firstly, Jobs started the whole Keynote with a simple sentence about reports of him dying. He called them ‘exagerratrd’.


iTunes 8.0
The first major announcement for this keynote address was in fact the release of iTunes 8. This was one of the 2 software releases. As rumoutrd and claimed by Digg founder, Kevin Rose, there is in fact a feature known as Fenits. What genius is basically, a Automagic Playlist maker. With one click, a user can crwate an entire playlist of 25, 50, 75, or 100 songs, all that sound perfect together. I used to sit down and do this manually, because that is how I like to listen to my music. They all need to fit right. But with Grnius, we can all take this one step further.

So how exactly does genius work? Well that’s really simple. I was thinking along the lines of BPM, artist locale, genre and such. Well, it’s all if that, plus more. You see, computers, no matter how advanced, will never be able to approviate and let alone understand music the way we do. So, how did Apple pull this off? Simple. They got help from humans. Not just one or two humans, but the entire population of the world that usues iTunes. Genius uses algorithms written specially for this feature. It reads playlist compilations from all over the world and remeners them. It also uses other factors like BPM and Gener to figure out the beat possible listening experience that a user can get. One thing though, the team at Infinitech is not sure if this works with non-iTunes purchased music. It will be a pity if it doesn’t. Seriously. The Infinitech Team discovered that Genius does indeed work with our own music.

Apparently, to turn Genius on, one would require an iTunes Music Store Account. Thus, this new feature would be a bummer for folks living in Places without one. However, Genius is really very easy to activate. The whole process is automatic. However, it does take a while if your Library is really large.

To make sure that Genius appears on your iPods, you have to enable this feature in your Computer. We believe this measure only affects the iPod Touch devices.

Activating Genius is a Simple, 3-Step Process

Activating Genius is a Simple, 3-Step Process

Other updates that we have seen to the new iTunes include more accessablilty options. These are a Mac related feature and do not seem to be present on the Windows version of the Jukebox. Another great feature is a new colour code for Applications on the Capacity Bar. The Capacity Bar is an indicator at the bottom of any iPod’s Screen in iTunes, that shows a graphical representation of your iPod (or iPhone’s) capacity and its usage. In iTunes 8, Appls a coloured green instead of being lumped with Others as seen previously.


Apps now appear Green

Apps now appear Green


iPod Galore
This event also saw one of the best line-up of iPods that Apple had ever brought to the table. With new refreshes and upgrades, we think Apple is all set to earn more money in the coming months. Stock holders, get ready for some rise and profits!

The iPod Nano is probably the most purchased iPod due to it’s small and convinent size. However, people were bit really happy with the “fat nano” that Apple released last year. This event brings to us the new Nano. Images of this iPod has been floating on the net for nearly over a week now. And Lo and Behold, we get Steve introducing this iPod to use today. So, what is new? A ton of stuff. This includes many thing borrowed from the iPhone. The new nano brings to us a new interface that has a Now Playing screen similar to that of the iPhone’s. The software for this iPod has integration for the new Genius feature. You can make Genius playlists right on the Nano. Just press and hold the Centre Button to access a new popup menu. We also see an inclusion of the Accelerometer, a first for anything outside of the Multi-touch interface product range. This, together with a whole new range of 9 colors dubbed Nano-chromatic, makes the Nano, the funkiest iPod in town. The structure of the iPod is now made of Aluminum. This makes the iPod free from any scratchable materials resulting in a Very Durable iPod.

4th Generation iPod Nano

4th Generation iPod Nano


The next big thing this morning was the iPod touch. Heralded as the next best thing to the iPhone, this baby just got better this morning. The 2nd Generation Touch sees the inclusion of a Volume Control. This has been the most sought after feature on this iPod. Another interesting upgrade is the inclusion of speakers. I believe that this would make the most sense as the iPod can now play games and such that can be downloaded from the straight AppStore. The new iPod Touch also features an in-built receiver for the Nike+iPod module. All you need to do is to get the foot module that you would have to put into the shoe. Apple now seem the Touch as the funnest iPod after all those upgrades. The structural aspect of the iPod seems to be a little iPhone inspired. There is the inclusion of the tapering sides, as well as a change in material. The back of the Touch is now Stainless Steel. Not completely scratch-proof, but less prone than the Chrome that we are used to seeing. Looks like Apple is finally making all of it’s products more durable!

2nd Generation iPod Touch

2nd Generation iPod Touch


Apple has also discontinued the Fat Classics and increased the capacity on the Thin Classic to 120 GB.

Software and The Environment

The next Software announcement made today would hebrelease of the 2.1 update that everyone has been waiting for. It is free for Both the iPod Touch and the iPhone, but most importantly, Steve has promised us a stable software and all bugs fixed. So, no more crashing Apps! Also, songs are now listed with thier Artist Names and Albums unedr them in grey. A nifty little improvement I must say!

The new update is out for iPod Touch today, and iPhone on Friday (USA), and Saturday (Singapore and Asia).

Apple has also been very environmentally conscious about it’s new products. All of it’s new iPods are Fully Recyclable.

The Monkey’s Ball

24 08 2008

Hey readers,

No, we haven’t forgotten about you guys. In fact, I have good news for folks interested in getting more applications. Ladies and gentleman, meet the most comprehensive iPhone IPA site yet:


This is the only site you will ever need. Head down there and see if it’s useful!

2.0.1 Jailbroken (New Hacks for App Store)

12 08 2008

The Dev-Team have proved themselves once again. They have released the new version of Pwnage Tool, Version 2.0.2. You can get the file here and proceed to Jailbreaking your iPhones and iPod Touch running the latest 2.0.1 Firmware from Apple. The drill to Jailbreak stays the same. Get the software and follow what it says. Its written in simple English. Have fun!

The community of iPhone hackers have discovered a newer, more efficient way of getting cracked Apps into your device without the use of SSH. This method allows you to sync the application as if it were the legitimate copy. More information regarding this new method will be up in a later post. Till then, cheers!

Just so You Know…

10 08 2008

Hey Guys,

Its Graphickz here. Another first on Infinitech. I have been coding and working on my application for the iPhone 3G, and a letter from Apple states that after the approval of my app, it should be out in the App Store. Expect excellent graphics, an accelerometer, 3 dimensional sound and much, much more. Another cool trick is that I have learnt about being polygon precise, and it is pretty difficult to do. Anyway, the app is called JungleMan, and is about well a JungleMan, swinging from tree to tree. It gets more complicated though, at higher levels, you have to collect the extra bonus items like coconuts, and battle it out with other creatures from the jungle. This app is totally free. Sorry I can’t release any pictures of the application, as I am bound by Apple, something like sworn to secrecy or something. I hope you guys will try out this app. We are also planning on InfiniApp, which will be a sister site to Infinitech targetted towards the users of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod Touch, which Apple is planning to discontinue. Ravenizer has had plans of framing his iPod touch…