Installer 4.0

30 07 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, our friends over at the Russian iPhone (RiP) Dev-Team have been busily working on the latest version of the ever-famous First introduced as an Application to download and install third-party Apps, the new version of Installer is making a comeback with a nicer and sleeker interface. I have mentioned before (in another post of mine) that the Cydia interface was much more sleeker and intuitive as compared to the earlier version of Installer. People, I take back what I have said.

The new version of Installer seems have taken a leaf out of Cydia‘s and the Apple App Store‘s books. The overall appearance is similar to the App Store. The color scheme and the way that the application is laid out is extremely similar. The difference is in how the Download Page is presented. The page is similar to previous versions of Installer, however, it now features reflections of the Application’s icon and on the whole, it just feels sleek. It amazing that the RiP Dev-Team pulled this off in such a short time. A whole revamp of the Congratulations!

So, how does the new application really look like? See for yourselves:


1. Here is a recap of what we had before



The interface of Installer 3

The interface of Installer 3


2. Package installations…



Package Uninstallation

Package Uninstallation


3. And now… Installer 4




Installer 4 : Sources



Categories  Recent Packages

Installer 4 : Categories > Recent Packages



Application Installation (Mobile

Installer 4 : Application Installation (Mobile


Well folks, there you have it. The highly anticipated Installer 4.0! I am not sure about the method of distribution but here are my guesses:

Scenario 1

The Installer will be distributed via the Cydia Packager application. The application would be available as soon as the Dev-Team releases it.

Scenario 2

Installer fans who want to get their hands on the application would have to first, Pwn their iPhones / iPod Touch, and then proceed to get the OpenSSH tool. They would then download the Application via thier computers and place the application into their device via SSH.

Scenario 3

As cited earlier, Zibri is working hard to bring a new version of ZiPhone to the masses. This new version may come with Installer 4 prepackaged. The application, if included, will be installed onto the device during the Jailbreak.




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30 07 2008
I Pwned my iPod Touch « The Infinite Loop

[…] with installer is that it has not been fully portered over to funtion properly on 2.0 (Update: Installer Ver. 4 is coming soon). Since Cydia is newer and has less things to be ported over, I think the Dev Team […]

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