iPod Touch 2.0.1

9 08 2008

Hello everyone, Ravenizer here. So yeah, this is a little late, but 2.0.1. It is here. The latest firmware version from Apple for the iPhones and iPod Touch. As before, the software updates for Apple’s touch-based products are still on the same release cycle, on the same plane. 

What does this mean for all those folks who have Jailbroken their iPod Touch? De-Jailbreak. Yes, the new update is extremely special I must say. The upgrade is insensitive to the fact that the device has actually, already been Jailbroken. The process is very simple. There is no long waiting for restores to finish up and such. So, how do we do this 2.0.1 upgrade? Read on.

Firstly, you must grab yourself a copy of the update. Do do this, simply launch iTunes and check for an update. Make sure your iPod is plugged in during this step. Once that is done, iTunes will prompt you to either “Download” or “Download and Install” the update. Select the option of “Download and InstallThe download process usually takes about 10-15 minutes. While the download happens, quickly SSH into your iPod and navigate to the Applications folder. Once there, copy and rescue ALL of the cracked App Store apps that may be present in your iPod. More importantly, make sure you also copy out the “Documents folder that you should have created during the installation of any cracked app. Also do remember to rescue the Cydia.app folder.

Once all of this has been completed, go ahead with the update. Allow the installation of the new firmware. Once your iPod restarts, you have successfully updated your iPod!

Note: If your iPod was Pwned before the upgrade, you will lose all the data that came alongside the pwning. This includes, but does not limit to: Open SSH, Cydia and anything else FROM Cydia. This method of upgrade is safe for iPod Touch only. This method may brick iPhones if attempted.




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10 08 2008

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10 08 2008
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18 08 2008
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