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Presenting, the latest from the Apple side of Rumor Valley. Yep. We have all the best rumors packaged nicely with a ribbon on top. Ready? Indulge.



:: We are nearly there… ( READ MORE )

There’s only gonna be one topic on the lips of the technoscenti in the next 24 hours: Apple’s new MacBook and MacBook Pro. It’s been leaked online, but mystery still surrounds its hidden connector, track-pad and docking skills… read on for all the gossip!

The new MacBook and MacBook Pros have leaked! The latest spy shots show the laptops sporting slick new aluminum cases, as well as side-mounted optical drives and expansion ports down their left side.

It’s these details that have led some…


:: Yet Another Update ( READ MORE )

The rumor mills have been churning and we are too. Yet more pictures of the Macbook and Macbook Pro cases made by the special Brick method are being released from unknown sources. We have the latest scoops right here onInfinitech…


:: MacBook Chipset ( READ MORE )

Hey all,

Just a short update on the MacBook that is going to be released on October 14th. The Macbook will now run on an NVIDIA chipset, based on the MCP 79 platform. Intel still supplies the main processor for the Macbook.

Kept uncharacteristically secret by NVIDIA for most of the year, the MCP79 platform is so far considered a substitute for Intel’s Centrino 2 “Montevina” …


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