Super Monkey Ball (and other Apps)

4 08 2008

The Guide to Getting it on your iPhone (for Free)

Hey all, Ravenizer here. The article that you have been waiting for. Getting Apps into the iPhone / iPod Touch is easy. The guide here is for Super Monkey Ball. Should you want to install another Application, just substitute that other App with Super Monkey Ball.


-Part 1:

  • You need to be on a Jailbroken 2.0 Firmware with Cydia installed. (If you use a Mac, use PwnageTool. If you are on Windows use WinPwn)
  • Now install OpenSSH. Tap and launch Cydia. Once Cydia has launched, select Sections>Networking>OpenSSH. Once there, tap on Install>Confirm, (if you get a ‘Running out of Disk Space’ error, tap “Ok”) Then tap on Return to Cydia. Now press the Home button.
  • Log into WinSCP or any other SSH tool (if you dont know how, watch this). The first time you try to login, you may encounter a Connection Timeout error. Click ‘Retry’ and it should work. If you still get an error, reboot your iPod  Touch/iPhone and try again.
  • Create a folder called Documents in /var/mobile/ and set the permission to 777 (0777 on WinSCP)
  • Create a folder called Documents in the /Applications folder and set permissions to 777. This will fix the Disk Full error message seen when launching the game. Do note that you will see a string of random letters and numbers suffixed to you Applications folder. Do not worry. 


———Note: You will only need to create these two ‘Documents’ folders once———


-Part 2:

  • Now, download the cracked version of Super Monkey Ball from this link.
  • Extract the folder to your desktop
  • Copy the Monkey folder into /Applications via SSH and set it to 755 (This should be 0775 on WinSCP. Also, if you are using WinSCP, you should select the “Set owner, group and permissions recursively” checkbox.)
  • Reboot iPod Touch or iPhone 

Yes people, that is all there is to installing an App. There is word however, that a special Cydia Repo is being built to house these Cracked Apps. Should this information ever become available to Infinitech, we will definitely put it up.

Here is a list of other apps that might interest you:




3 responses

5 08 2008

I always have the connection time out error…do i need to be connected to wi-fi on the ipod touch??

7 08 2008
Jos de Vos

Yes Chris, you need to be connected to wi-fi…

And those links to other apps don’t work anymore 😦

14 08 2008

Why the game is always close after 3 seconds and I chek all my permission and its all 0775 and 0777 for the documents,tell me please what is the problem.

Thank you

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