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10 08 2008

Hey readers, just a quick update. We hope you are enjoying the content that we are bringing you. The Infinitech Team,as you know, are a bunch of students running a tech-blog. We really hope to make this blog as big as Gizmodo and Engadget. Anyway, Infinitech is going live on the web with a new RSS Feed that we have made via FeedBurner. The feed address can be found on the widget named “RSS FEED” on the right. Click on the one that says ‘The Infinite Loop’ and add the page that you land on to your Favorites. Once done, you should be able to read the latest information right off your Feed Reader, without having to manually hop down to our site. We are hoping to launch an email subscription soon as well.

Speaking of subscriptions, Ravenizer thought it would be nice if we could start our own Pod or VidCast to add more spice to the blog. Knowing as to how popular one can get on YouTube, and knowing how fun it would be to start PodCasting, the Infinitech team is deciding as to which road would be wiser to venture down first. So yeah. Expect an update on our choice as well as future Vid or PodCasts!




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11 10 2008
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