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iPhone Secondary Backlight

10 12 2008

Hey guys. I come to you today with more great news! Our source in China has been able to play with the prototype model a bit and he has leaked some new information to us. Apparently, the iPhone prototype has the recently-patented Secondary Backlight system built right into it. You will recall from our previous post on the prototype that the new model has an alleged 450 hours of stand-by time. Well, we realized that our source was wrong about how he had presented this information to us. The 45o hours of stand-by time would be a valid claim had he been talking about the current iPhone model, the iPhone 3G.

“a cheap yet energy efficient battery that  ” will be able to power an iPhone 3G for up to 8 hours of talk-time on 3G and 15-20 hours on 2G.”  The tipster also boasts and incredible claim of 450 hours of stand-by”

What our source meant was that “should the new battery-pack be on an iPhone 3G, it can supply stand-by time power for up to 450 hours.” The cited hours of talk-time however, are accurate with the prototype model as well. So, what really is the stand-by time of the prototype / iPhone 4G you ask? Well here is a detailed explanation.

Remember the patent that Apple filed sometime back? It involved the iPhone having a dual Back-light system. Well folks, that is what we have in the prototype. That finally explains the reason behind the extra powerful battery pack. This new backlight system that Apple has included in the prototype is Apple’s answer to allowing customers to check on their phones’ statuses without having to do much. This new backlight system involves two lighting set-ups. One is the main backlight that functions only when necessary, and the other is a backlight that remains on as long as the phone is locked. 

This new systems allows the user to quickly check on statuses such as Messages and Missed calls without having to do anything at all. The new prototype software installed on the model also goes hand in hand with this new feature. When the phone is set to lock, a new display is seen, along with the turning on of the secondary backlight. The backlight fades in gently and reveals a summary screen of sorts. The screen contains information such as Missed Calls, Text Messages, Emails as well as the most recently received SMS’s Preview. The new screen also displays information such as the upcoming appointments in your calendar as well as the amount of Battery remaining. I do believe that this screen can be customized to your liking with components that you use the most. I also have feeling that it might be editable via a drag and drop method. You select the “widgets” that you want from a list, and drop it into pre-assigned slots on the screen. This could very well be Apple’s answer to Dashboard on the iPhone. 

So how does Apple make sure that this system is power efficient. Well, first of all, the secondary set-up is designed only to fully light up a small portion of the screen. The light emitted by this system is also a lot dimmer than the full backlight at it’s dimmest. In short, the secondary system uses as little energy as possible . Here is the configuration of the Secondary Backlight.


Secondary Backlight Configuration

Secondary Backlight Configuration

The light is only concentrated in a particular spot. The rest of the display is then lit up by light that is emitted by the sides of the main source. Thus, the more vital details and information are presented towards the centre, where the light is brightest. So when you have an always on Backlight system and a battery capable of lasting 45o hours, what do you get?

The answer that our source revealed to us was arrived at after hours of testing by the factory that made the prototype. The verdict, the iPhone prototype has a stand-by time of up to 325 hours. That is a 25 hour improvement over the current iPhone 3G. Our source tells us that the battery times for call usage was accurately mentioned during the last post. So yes, we might possibly be looking at a future iPhone that could have up to 8 hours of talk-time on 3G and 15-20 hours on 2G, as well as up to 325 hours of stand-by. Not too bad if you ask me. Well then, here is a look of the new Secondary-Backlight system.


The New Secondary-backlight system. Notice the dimmed lighting and the use of light diffusion.

The New Secondary-backlight system. Notice the dimmed lighting and the use of light diffusion. Click to enlarge.



We will be back with more news on the prototype as soon as we get them. Our source has given us word that he will be messing around with the Video Chat application on his next correspondence.

Let’s Rock

4 09 2008
Hey all,
Just a quick update from the guys at Infinitech. Apparently, the rumors have been confirmed, and there is to be a Special Event on the 9th of September. From the blogosphere, we understand that this is rumored to be an iPod+iTunes only event, probably releasing the new lines of iPods and the largely awaited iTunes 8.0 Jukebox Software. 
Let's Rock Invitation
Let’s Rock Invitation
There is also a revamp of the iPod line to be expected, the most prominent ones being the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. AppleInsider has come up with sketches of the new iPod Nano and the Touch, which are supposed to be taller and more tapered respectively.
iPod Nano 4G

iPod Nano 4G

The iPod touch has more tapered edges (3rd Sketch)

The iPod touch has more tapered edges (3rd Sketch)

And that’s about it. There have been talks of the Macbook line being launched at Let’s Rock. We are expecting that the plastic is hopefully going to be changed to the more scratch-resistant anodized aluminium used in Apple’s ‘Pro’ series products.

Let’s see on September 9.

Tethering for the iPhone 3G?

30 08 2008

Hey all,

There has been much discussion and the search for the Netshare app, which was originally in the iTunes store. However, now, in the US, Steve has been discussing with ATT to try to get tethering done for the iPhone.

With other phones, you would have to pay 30USD a month, but not in this case. If not, other developers like the one that made Netshare, would keep releasing Apps, and making ATT lose money.

You would still have to say that the plans in Singapore for the iPhone are pretty outrageous as compared to the US.

On Technorati

9 08 2008

Hey folks, this is just a quick update to inform all of you guys that The Infinite Loop is now officially on Technorati. We hope to receive more traffic to our blog now, since we should be getting more publicity. Another thing that we would like to update you guys on is the making of videos. The Infinitech Team will be looking into making instructional and review videos soon. We will be posting these video up onto YouTube, as well as our blog. We hope you have enjoyed our content and we hope that you will continue to do so.

Find that Article

4 08 2008

Hey Loop readers. Just a quick How-To regarding the blog. In the event you are looking for a particular article by any one of our authors, just do a quick search of Pen Name in our little search field on the right. A more effective method would also be to just find the name of that Author in the “Get Loop’t” feature also found on the right!

Just another update as well. The blog’s Software 2.0 dedicated coverage is coming to a close on the 13th of August. We will be switching over to a newer topic as soon as we gather enough material on it. We are currently working on it as much as time permits. After the 13th, you should see a new link on the Navigational Menu, replacing the “Software 2.0” link.

So, with all of that being the case, I will be getting the Super Monkey Ball and other Cracked Apps install guide out as soon as I can. I am really having a crunch in my daily timetable right now. I expect to release the article by this Friday or Saturday.  Also expect the remainder of the .Mac replacement guide.

Thank You!

30 07 2008

In the short time that Infinitech has been around, we have received great reception from netizens all round the world. We have been thanked many times over for the many helpful articles that have been written on our blog. We hope that those of you, whom have discovered our blog, would recommend it to your friends and family. Our only hope is to become a TechBlog as big as Engadget and Gizmodo. Hey, kids can dream right?

Well, thats all I have for you, thank you once again for the great support! 🙂

K Kapilan

On behalf of the Infinitech Team