What’s The Deal with the Glass Track Pad?

28 10 2008

By Ravenizer

Well we all know how Jobs and Co revealed to us the latest in Apple Innovations, the Glass MultiTouch Trackpad, just the other day during the Apple Special event. But what if the fancy new TrackPad had a higher purpose? Or more precisely, a Mobile Purpose. Yes, I have been giving this a lot of thought recently and I have kind of come to a conclusion about this.

Since the launch of the iPhone, there have been busloads of ex-blackberry people asking the same question. Where is the heptic feedback? For those of us who don’t know what this fancy lingo means, well, basically, it just means that you get a real life tactile feedback off a virtual screen or in the case of the iPhone, keyboard. Since Jobs had actually said that the entire Glass Trackpad is clickable at any point, it will work as an excellent feature to introduce heptic feedback onto the iPhone. What do you guys think?




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