Spotlight Event

11 10 2008

by Ravenizer


Hey guys.

The infinitech Team would like to apologize for not bring able to update the blog in the past fornight. All of our writers have been extremely busy with acedemic examinations. But all those aside, the Rumor Mill is back, spinning faster than ever. It’s MacBook Week over at Apple Campus and the invites have been sent out. No, we are not going but we’ll definitely have the juicy details.

The story so far is that the entire MacBook line is going Aluminum. Snazzy I must say. The biggest targets thus far are the Macbooks and the Pro. Talks are going on about a possible Apple TV update but I’m not too sure. The eventual speculations of a wireless USB hub is also interesting. That would certainly add funtionality to the MacBook Air. Although one thing that I would question would be its source of electricity. Guys and Gals out there hoping for a more functional and cheaper MacBook Air will probably have to wait it out. Having only been released for less than a year, this is as improbable as Bill Gates becoming CEO of Apple. However, due to the nature of the Notebook, I do not think that they would make any major changes to the air. It really perfect the way it is. It fulfills all my requirements as a high-school student. And because its OS X, the Operating System is nicely optimized for the less-than-average processor. In fact, you cannot feel much difference when on the Air or on the normal MacBooks. Thus, expect a possible Capacity and Processor update in next year’s MacWorld Expo. Until then, its definitely a no-go.

On a different note, the Infinitech Team would be headed down to the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour in Singapore. It’ll be held on the 4th of November at the Songspore Convention Centre. Graphickz, Spikey and I have already booked out slots and eagerly await our confirmation. So yeah, we’ll be back with more news soon. Hang in there folks! Infinitech Is back at Full Capacity.

One last thing. We are going to skip the iPhone Review firstly because, hey, we all know its the Jesus Phone. Secondly, the team has been really busy and we could not find the time to do it earlier. We believe we have passed the deadline. So yeah…. sorry about that guys.




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