Let’s Rock

4 09 2008
Hey all,
Just a quick update from the guys at Infinitech. Apparently, the rumors have been confirmed, and there is to be a Special Event on the 9th of September. From the blogosphere, we understand that this is rumored to be an iPod+iTunes only event, probably releasing the new lines of iPods and the largely awaited iTunes 8.0 Jukebox Software. 
Let's Rock Invitation
Let’s Rock Invitation
There is also a revamp of the iPod line to be expected, the most prominent ones being the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. AppleInsider has come up with sketches of the new iPod Nano and the Touch, which are supposed to be taller and more tapered respectively.
iPod Nano 4G

iPod Nano 4G

The iPod touch has more tapered edges (3rd Sketch)

The iPod touch has more tapered edges (3rd Sketch)

And that’s about it. There have been talks of the Macbook line being launched at Let’s Rock. We are expecting that the plastic is hopefully going to be changed to the more scratch-resistant anodized aluminium used in Apple’s ‘Pro’ series products.

Let’s see on September 9.




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