Google Chrome

4 09 2008

Ravenizer here! Well, we know we are an Apple Centric blog, but one cannot help but express the utter amazement that one feels when looking at the new browser that Google has released. This brand new web browser is unlike anything I have seen. I am a serious FireFox user and a great Safari fan. However, both of those browsers have got absolutely nothing when they are placed against Chrome. I mean, Google have outdone themselves by redesigning the paradigm of the Web Browsers that we have come to be familiar with. The browser is such an innovation!

After installing the beta, which is a relatively quick process, I went round to using. I have only one word for it. Stupendous. Seriously, this is the fastest browser I have ever used. Safari had it for awhile but Chrome, she just blew the competition away. The way chrome works is fantastic. Basically, Google turned the browser into a mini OS. Instead of the single thread situation that we see in most browsers, Google redid that and made one processor for every single process that the browser has to handle. That is to say, Java has it’s own processor, the URL loader has it’s own processor and so on and so forth. Futuremore, Google also went on to create an interesting new tab situation. Due to the multi thread nature of the browser, should one tab ‘cock up’, only that particular tab will die. Google describes this situation as the ‘sad tab’ situation. There is now no more need to close tabs to free up memory on a laggi browser. Google also inverted the tabs position on the browser. Instead of tans being below the buttons and the address bar, Google decided to place the tabs above everything else. This way, each tab has it’s own set of customizable and required controls. Speking if the address bar, the address bar in Chrome also serves as the search box. You can search your default engine right in the address bar, or Omnibar as Google puts it. It even tracks your history.

The final unique thing about the Chrome is when you open a new tab. Opening a new tab displays a page that shows you the top 9 pages that you have visited, your previous searches and a couple of your bookmarks and history. Convinient huh? Speaking if which, Chrome also has an Incognito mode that let’s you do some private surfing, without having to remember to clear your cache and history later on.

So, that’s our take on the Google Chrome. We really hope that this becomes the model for the browsers of the future. I believe that the Chrome would be able to give Mozilla a run fir third money, as well as soil Microsoft’s launch of the Internet Explorer 8 Beta. We’ll catch you soon with the IE8 review!

Infinitech Team




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