iPhone, iPhone, iPhone

1 09 2008

Hey guys. This is Ravenizer with some updates on the iPhone. Well firstly, let’s get to the exchange policy with SingTel down at the ComCentre. This is what I have learnt. If you want a hassle free questionless answer to your problematic iPhone, then you should head down to the place during the evening. 7-8 pm happens to be the best time. Going down at the morning and afternoon results in a more thorough check and processing of your claim. Trust me, you do not wanna be caught lying in this position.

Ok, the next thing I want to discuss is about the phone itself. I must say, this is probably the most egronomic phone designed ever. Seriously, Old Steve wasn’t lying about how this thing feels in ones’ hands. It’s just great. You know, the feeling is just awesome – sexy almost.

The iPhone is pretty scratch resistant. I must say that the choice of plastic used for the back of the iPhone is a very wise one. The only problem I have with it is that it is a dust magnet. Because of the the glossy nature of the plastic, it also becomes extremely static. The other thing is that because it is glossy (once again) fingerprints and smudges easily appear on the back. My solution? Keep a micro-fibre cloth handy. Bit be careful. Use this cloth only for the iPhone. Microfibre cloths, although do not cause scratches, may accidentally pick up small particles that do. I also suggest cleaning the cloth under a tap every fortnight. Do not use soaps and detergents unless otherwise specified by the cloth manufacturer.

So, the last thing I wanna say is this. If you haven’t gotten the phone, what on earth are you waiting for?




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