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20 08 2008

Since providing us with the whole plethora of information, everyone is now having a nail-biting wait to watch SingTel reveal the iPhone for sale in Singapore. The main launch event is happening at the SingTel ComCentre on the 22nd of August right at Midnight 12.00 a.m. I would probably have a late dinner and head down there around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. I must convince my parents though. Spiky already had a denial from his. He’ll be heading down a bit later, roundabout 11:00 a.m. Graphickz… well, I must say that the poor chap is undecided. Just like how there may be many undecided folks around the net this very instant. If you are one of them, please, continue reading.

Recap of Plans

First, let us quickly recap the prices that SingTel has released. I also have further information regarding the other plans. Here is the iFlexi Plan tailored specially for the iPhone:

iFlexi (Bundled Data) Plans for the iPhone

iFlexi (Bundled Data) Plans for the iPhone

With this plan, comes a bundled data service subscription (1GB), ideal for a quick check of your email inbox, or some light surfing when WiFi is not available. The increment in Free Local Data limit is also attractive. Furthermore, the bundled free Wireless@SG is an added bonus, as this service would no longer be free come January 2010. (Note: If you subscribed for a 3-year Broadband contract recently, you will have free access up till June 2011) The list of Value-added-services is also rather attractive. If you think of your self as a more power-user, however, then you should go for the more expensive plans if you can afford it. I would certainly encourage that.

Now, here is a look at the other plans:

The usual SingTel Plans in relation to the iPhone

The usual SingTel Plans in relation to the iPhone

As you can see at a single glance, the list of free value-added-services has definitely shrunk. Also, there is a lack of a Bundled Data Plan. Meaning, you do not have an active 3G Internet Data Connection. You would most probably have to resort to using the much slower GPRS data connection. However, the lack of a data plan is made with a larger number of free SMSs and longer minutes worth of Free Local Calls. The plans also cost cheaper per month, but look, the up-front payment of the iPhone goes up by a whopping S$340. Is it worth it? Yes if you are looking to using the iPhone just as a fashion accessory. I mean, come on people! We are talking about the legendary invention of the year 2007 iPhone!

Of course you should go for the iFlexi range of plans. They are obviously more worth it. You get to use the iPhone as it was intended to be used. Visual voice-mail, 3G Internet, App Store download, the whole nine yards. 

So there you have it! My take on what would be more worth it for you. But, knowing people, we all have our own differing views and opinions. This here is merely a suggestion. Not a command. You could go and do all those labour intensive calculation by yourself, but, think about it, what would be more worth it in the long-run? What promotion packages would prove to be more useful with the iPhone?

Think Different.




3 responses

20 08 2008

Hi there! For your info, I’ve called Singtel to confirm the price for the phone if im gonna extend my current I-plan. For the cheapest plan (iOne plus), since I did not finish my 2 year contract and only completed 12 months, the upfront payment for the 8gb and 16 gb would be $798 & $948. Heh and that with extending my contract for 3 years. Nevertheless im still going down to buy the 16gb (black) tomorrow midnight, since in the long run I’ll save loads from the plan.

21 08 2008

there is not visual voicemail available here though.. not offered by singtel. maybe next time..

21 08 2008

visual voicemail is not supported at time of launch according to singtel.. don’t know if it will ever be…

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