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19 08 2008

The prices are rather painful. Yes, looking at the plans, it is rather depressing to decide if I would want to buy one. But guess what, anything for El Jobsco’s Invention of the Year (2007). So, what are the prices like? Read the email we got from the SingTel Dudes 🙂




Hello K Kapilan, 

As you are a valued SingTel customer you are one of the very first to know. 

The info you’ve been waiting for on the new iPhone 3G is here; I am very excited to share it with you! 

The iPhone is equipped with 3.5G for download speeds of up to 3.6Mb/sec on the SingTel network. The iPhone can seamlessly switch between 3.5G, 2G and WiFi to ensure you are always connected. 

Pricing and plans 

SingTel is making the iPhone 3G affordable for everyone. We’re introducing a great new range of iFlexi plans1 that are loaded with BONUS mobile data for Mobile Internet Browsing3, and extended free Wireless@SG. These plans have been specially built for you and your iPhone to deliver fantastic value, make sure you ask for an iFlexi plan when you sign up. 

 Data allowance above is a limited offer; only for customers who connect or recontract with SingTel on an iFlexi plan between launch and 5 September 2008

All iFlexi plans feature free incoming calls2
Please see below for terms and conditions1

I want one, how can I get an iPhone 3G from SingTel? 

Due to the overwhelming response, registered existing SingTel customers will have the chance to be first in line; that’s you! 

You can even bring your post paid number from another carrier and have the ultimate experience on SingTel’s 3.5G network.           

We have a strictly limited number of appointments to come and join in the excitement of the Singapore launch at Midnight this Friday 22 August at Comcenter: please book now

The team has something very special in store for you. 

If you can’t join us for the fun on Friday 22 August, you can book a time and location which suits you. 

All appointments are only available on a first booked, first served basis. 

Please visit as soon as you can to reserve your appointment and iPhone. 

When you book via the link above, please click the Login button. Use the NRIC you supplied during registration, your password is XXXXXXXX

We will ask you a few details, get you to confirm your iPhone preference and preferred pickup location and time. It’s that easy.

If you have booked more than one iPhone, the number in the My Profile section is for us to contact you if we need to. You will just need to bring each of these services to SingTel post paid on an applicable plan to collect your iPhones.           

This invitation is not transferable, please print this and bring it with you. You will need to be the registered owner of the mobile service to collect your iPhone. 

We understand how excited you are about the iPhone 3G from SingTel. Trust me; this phone will change your life. 

The team and I look forward to seeing you soon! 

With best regards, 

Wong Soon Nam 

Vice President – Consumer Marketing


  Monthly fee (incl GST) Bundled data 
(3.6 Mbps)
Bundled mins (outgoing) Bundled SMS iPhone 3G 8GB iPhone 3G 16GB
iFlexi Value $56 1GB 200 mins 500 SMS $348 $508
iFlexi Plus $95  2GB 500 mins 500 SMS $49 $208
iFlexi Premium $205 3GB 1500 mins 1500 SMS $0 $0
(I added this because the formatting prevented the 16GB info from showing. The iPhone 3G 16GB, both colors, will cost $508, $208 and $0 for the iFlexi Value, iFlexi Plus and iFlexi Premium respectively.)

As you can see, SingTel is having a Launch Party on the 22nd at Midnight at the ComCentre. I will be there to cover the event. I hope it will be fun and I really Do Hope that one of my parents will be able to follow me there. I mean, I am under 18, so I guess they would not allow me to sign up for a new plan. Anyway, after finalizing the reservation, this is what was displayed on the screen.


The Confirmation Display

The Confirmation Display


So, will you guys be getting the iPhone? Give us your response in the comments below!




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