iPhone in Singapore (Cont’d)

5 08 2008

Hey Guys,

Just building a little upon what Ravenizer’s has included in his last post. The date is confirmed to be anytime between 22nd August and 7 September. This comes to us after a press release from Apple. The press release informed us that the next wave of iPhone releases have been sceduled to occur on the 22nd of August in about 20 countries or so. SingTel has yet to confirm this. However, s Sources close to the company have reported to Reuters claiming that the iPhone would be released before the end of August. This information however, still remains largely as a rumor, and it is not as confirmed as we would like it to be.


A rather 'uncalled for' email from SingTel

Hey all, Graphickz here.

How ironic it is to have SingTel suddenly send us weird emails? Looks like Ravenizer was right about those confirmation emails huh? Anyway, those of you whom have already reserved yourselves an iPhone would have got this rather “peculiar” email at about 5 p.m. today. Click on the image to read the mail.

SingTel is still tight-lipped about the whole issue, and will only release updates regarding the iPhone next week. Look out for the full coverage next week as we bring you the details as they are slowly released to the general public.

By inferring from the sudden appearance of this email, as well as Apple’s recent Press Release, the Infinitech team is rather confident that the 22nd August release date is one that seeks attention from all fans of the iPhone here in Singapore.





Also, there is talk of a new, cheaper, iPhone nano, which is supposedly slated to be released in the UK during the Christmas period. As to why the UK, I do not know, possibly because that the source is from the UK.

The iPod nano, is going to be completely revamped to look like the last generation before the one which had video. The screen is to be made larger, so as to save the eyesights of our fellow iPod users. But, there is still something about the iPod nano, that makes it look as cute as ever, even though the screen is small.

Oh and one more thing.

Macbook touch rumors will be published tomorrow. There will be a full detailed review for those wanting to read it 🙂




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