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4 08 2008

Hey Loop readers. Just a quick How-To regarding the blog. In the event you are looking for a particular article by any one of our authors, just do a quick search of Pen Name in our little search field on the right. A more effective method would also be to just find the name of that Author in the “Get Loop’t” feature also found on the right!

Just another update as well. The blog’s Software 2.0 dedicated coverage is coming to a close on the 13th of August. We will be switching over to a newer topic as soon as we gather enough material on it. We are currently working on it as much as time permits. After the 13th, you should see a new link on the Navigational Menu, replacing the “Software 2.0” link.

So, with all of that being the case, I will be getting the Super Monkey Ball and other Cracked Apps install guide out as soon as I can. I am really having a crunch in my daily timetable right now. I expect to release the article by this Friday or Saturday.  Also expect the remainder of the .Mac replacement guide.




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