I Pwned my iPod Touch

27 07 2008

Hey everyone, this is Ravenizer writing on behalf of the Infinitech team. Recently, as stated in an earlier post of mine, the iPhone Dev Team pulled of a rraaly huge stunt by releasing what they called a ‘Jailbreak’. Well, as I have said before, this is not exactly Jailbreaking but heck, I tried it out anyways. I was thinking of using WinPwn, but seeing as to how unstable Windows was, and how the Pwnage Tool 2.0 was originally intended for the Mac, I pwned my iPod Touch with my MacBook Air.

What Pwning has done for me

Well, more good than harm definitely. Earlier this week, I was intending on writing an article detailing the many flaws of the 2.0 Software with regards to MobileMe. However, with the new Pwned Firmware, I have experienced much more smoother usage with apps that tie in with MobileMe. Mainly Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Notes. Yes, unknown to many people is the fact that notes from your Mail account are actually synced into the Notes App on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

However, with faster OS comes slower booting time. Although a half-eaten pineapple is more interesting to look at as compared to a half-eaten chrome apple, it can be rather irritating at times. However, the sheer smoothness of the OS after booting is so pleasent that the boot lag is really, not so much of a big deal at all!

With the installation of the new firmware comes CYDIA PACKAGER. This App is kind of a replacement for installer. The problem with installer is that it has not been fully portered over to funtion properly on 2.0 (Update: Installer Ver. 4 is coming soon). Since Cydia is newer and has less things to be ported over, I think the Dev Team thought it was wiser to go with Cydia. And I am not complaining. The interface is cleaner and much more concise. It loads quicker and the new style of installation is a breath of fresh air. A thing to note would be that Apps Intalled via Cydia, would also have to be removed through it – just like it was with Installer.

Cydia comes with OpenSSH. And this allow unlimited expansion to the possibilities of your iPod or iPhone. I have personnaly used SSH to install SEGA’s Super MonkeyBall into my iPod Touch. Stay tuned for my next post about PWNing your iPhones and iPod Touch, as well as getting Super MonkeyBall on your iPods and iPhones for free!




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