Jailbreak 2.0

21 07 2008

by Ravenizer


Well… not exactly. But yes, the moment that everyone has been waiting for is now here. The iPhone Dev Team has done it yet again! Amazing people, those folks. They practically run a multi-national organization and yet, they all sync perfectly together to bring us more good stuff from the world of Jailbreaks and iPhone hacking.

Before you continue reading, you might want to get the file here. If not, read on and then get the file from the bottom of this article =)

So, what do I mean by “not exactly” ? 

To Jailbreak an iPhone (iPod Touch) is to modify, as well as tweak the Operating System (OS) and upgrading the abilities already present. This also allows the adding of new-found abilities into the device. That’s Jailbreak, in a 2 sentences. A jailbreak leaves the firmware as it is but just removes the restriction that Apple may have placed in it. However, this new method that the iPhone Dev Team has created is NOT Jail-breaking. Rather, it is something like re-writing  the OS from the ground up. Yep, that is what the Dev Team has done. This new method, know as PWNING, is what most people would be doing to free their iPhone 3G’s Operating Systems, from the grips of Apple (AAPL). The funny thing here is that this new method does NOT unlock the device. This means, you are still tied to the exclusive Service Provider (AT&T etc.) and will not be able to use the phone on any other networks (unless of course, sim-locking is illegal in your country). So I am not exactly sure what the Dev Team was thinking when they did this.

The good news however, is that this method works flawlessly on the new 2.0 software upgrade. Previous forms of Jailbreaks were not effective against this new software from Apple. So what the Dev Team did here was to take the basic structure of the new Firmware and tweak it to include Apps like Installer and Cydia Packager, to allow the usual installation of 3rd-party applications that Jail-breaking allowed. This means, the Dev Team is basically giving people the power to built their own custom firmwares.

What’s scary about this new method is the possibilities of iPhones being bricked. Yes, the pwning process by itself is safe, however, Apple has shown us that they have the ability to push things into the iPhones from their own servers such as badges and such for 3rd party apps. This means, they could very well push new updates into your device without your approval, as technically, they own the software and have a right to update it as they deem fit when ever they please. Thus, if the update manager detects a custom firmware it could easily ignite a chain reaction that would result in you having a very shiny Apple Inc. paper weight. 

So, what should you do? (Click here is you still want to go ahead and Pwnage your iPhones or iPods)

Wait. The answer is that simple.

I believe that Zibri, the maker of ZiPhone, will be able to produce a genuine Jailbreaking software soon. Allow me to quote Zibri as my conclusion. This was taken off his blog at Ziphone.org:

In the next days some people* will release
what they will call the
ultimate unlocking tool*
for all iphones/ipods.

While that is a nice proof of concept and a very
good team work, I wish to tell you what’s
going to happen.

Since a real jailbreak is not (yet) possible,
they opted for a software upgrade, total
internat firmware modification and
custom firmware.

For me, a real hack works this way:
you upgrade to 2.0, run a program
and in 4-6 minutes the phone works.
That’s because 4 to 6 minutes are needed
to boot the phone a couple of times
and modify a few bytes here and there….


….About the ‘soon to be released’ hacks*,
think about the playstation or online games;
you can crack them, but you won’t be able
to play online with legit buyers.

Now think: what is an offline iPhone?
A paperweight.
That’s what you’re gonna have
if (WHEN) apple decides to push a button.
And this time they will.


*Some notes on what Zibri said

  • Some people” refers to the iPhone Dev Team
  • “ultimate unlocking tool” refers to the Pwnage Tool 2.0.1
  • soon to be released” is a direct pun at how long the Dev Team delayed the release for



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