iPhone in Singapore

15 07 2008

by Graphickz


Hey All,

This is Graphickz’s first post on Infinitech. So the iPhone has come out in 20 countries in the world so far, and Singapore, as usual, is one of the last countries on Apple’s checklist. Heard yesterday the Vista update caused PCs to crash. That’s nice.

So in Hong Kong, the plan costs 87SGD a month with a free 8GB iPhone. New Zealand by far has the most ridiculous plan, costing 258SGD per month. US plans have stabilized, from over a hundred dollars to a measly sum of 41SGD. Singtel, as usual, fails to comment on the state of iPhones when they hit Singapore, despite constant emails to the CEO.

I have a feeling, that SingTel is going to charge outrageous plans, just as they do for their Internet service. If this occurs, I would rather buy the phone without a plan, or maybe a $10.95 a month data plan and a normal price plan. Worse come to worse, we would all just have to stick to Blackberries, which thankfully don’t run on Windows Mobile.




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