New Writers!

13 07 2008

by Ravenizer


Hey everyone, we are announcing brand new writers who would be editting for The Infinite Loop! We are glad to announce Sridhar Gopalan and Allister Low who would be joining the family. With the addition of new writers, The Infinite Loop hopes to bring you new and refreshing content from all spectrums of all things Apple.

Ravenizer would be doings reviews on all current Apple Products and introduce little tips and tricks to enhance your life with Apples and Macs. Most of his articles would be present at the home page.

Graphickz would be bringing us the latest scoops in the Apple rumor-mill as well as any mysterious patents or shipments Apple may make. His articles will take centre-stage in the ‘Underground‘ page. This page will display the most prominent rumor of the particular week or month.

Spiky would be giving us more tips and tricks to help out with all things Mac. Excluding the occasional lambasting of Microsoft, his articles will surely help you with some modifications and overall tweaking of your machines. A collection of Spiky’s articles can be found in his personal directory.

If a particular event or an anticipated product is about to be released, The Infinite Loop will run a special page of that particular topic to fill you in on the details. Basically, it will be a wrap up on the latest and the greatest, and it will provide links to the respective posts concerned.

Well, that is all we have to say for now. We hope to bring you a richer more fulfilling content all through this week. 


The Infinite Loop Team




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