Apple iTunes 7.7

13 07 2008

by Ravenizer


In this post, I will be covering the basics of the new upgrades that we will be seeing in this new version of iTunes. The most commonly spoken about is the rising of the new App Store. Read on to find out!


The App Store
App Store

App Store

The App Store was finally opened to the Public on July 11th. On its grand opening, we saw many great Applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Many of these applications actually cost a bit of money before you can actually have them. As such, we are left thinking, was un-jailbreaking and upgrading really the best choice?

Well, we should push that thought to another post. As for this post, I would like to bring you the best of Free Applications on the iTunes App Store.

The Contenders of the Free World

These applications were selected by, firstly, being free of charge, and then, by its usefulness to the public and their daily lives. These apps were also chosen for how fun they were in the case of games.

iTunes Remote

Or simply known as ‘Remote’ in the App Store, this new application has the ability to wirelessly control your iTunes library. The only prerequisite is that you should have Wi-Fi connectitivity on your computer either via an AirPort (Wi-Fi) antennae, or having a wireless router attached to your computer’s modem.

When you attempt to connect a computer, your iPhone or iPod will show you this:

Remote access pin

Remote access passcode

Simply enough, your newly detected iPod or iPhone appears as a remote on iTunes 7.7’s Devices list.

Note that the detected iPhone shows up as a remote

The detected iPhone shows up as a remote alongside Apple TVs as well

Your iTunes will now prompt you to enter the shown passcode:

Enter the given passcode

Enter the given passcode

When the linking is complete, the remote will disappear from the source list. You will then be given a confirmation on iTunes. As soon as this happens, your iPhone or iPod touch will display all your playlists in a fashion similar to the iPod software on the device:

The Remote application works just like iPod

The Remote application works just like iPod

Well there you have it! Remote, one of our contenders in the App Store free stuff list!

Tap Tap Revenge

First we had the Mega Hit game Tap Tap Revolution. Inspired by Dance Dance Revolution, this game involved the player to tap to a song in fashion similar to Guitar Hero. The first version was a bit of a turn off as the player needed to be connected to WiFi in order to download the “Tap Sheet” to play a song in his iTunes library. Also, the Create your own Taps function was slightly flawed as well.

However, the makers of the game went back to the drawing board and have now brought us, Tap Tap Revenge. In my opinion, this is an awesome upgrade to what we had before. A cleaner and sleeke interface really made a difference. Now, the game-play also supports “shakes” by making use of the device’s accelerometer. This makes the game even more fun and enjoyable.

Tap Tap Revolution from Installer

Tap Tap Revolution from Installer

Tap Tap Revenge from App Store

Tap Tap Revenge from App Store

As you can see here, the interface has greatly changed. The new App Store version makes the game look more fun and inspiring. The new game is also more responsive and less prone to not detecting a hit.

However, one feature that we are missing from the new Application is the iTunes Library feature. We now have to download predefined track for each difficulty level, as opposed to downloading Taps for the songs already in our libraries.

And that was Tap Tap Revenge for you.

Sho Zu

Sho Zu is yet another free app. One thing good about this app is its versatility. Basically, this application allows you to Blog. Blog your photos, videos or just plainly type, this app can connect to WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and many more. If you are a social networking freak, get this app. Do note that his Application is NOT a replacement for the Facebook app. These apps are independent applications that work differently. Not sure which to get? Don’t worry! Get both and see which one you like better. These things are free after all!

Aurora Feint : The Beginning

This is one of your Action Adventure puzzle games. You have to move around a map and complete challenges in this Story Based puzzle adventure. It has a very mystique feel to it. The makers of this app have promised that this will become a Massively Multiplayer Online game soon. I think this game has much potential and I hope this goes MMO soon!

To Do

The last Application I want to share with you is Erica Sudan’s To Do. This application is just that average To-Do list app. However, it is very easy to use and manage your list. Sporting a look just like the Mail App, you can quicly add a to-do and give it a name. Tap on the blue circle to add notes and more elaborate details regarding the reminder. You can also set a priority for the event and then mark it as Done when you have completed it. Erica Sudan’s To Do. Yet another contender for you to get.

Difference on the new iTunes 7.7

So what else is new on iTunes? Probably a bunch. But here are the obvious. If you have headed over to the iTunes store from your iTunes Application / Program, you would have noticed this:

The App Store is live!

The App Store is live!

Yes, the App Store is live on iTunes as well. Another thing that I noticed is that all my iPod Games, and the newly added iPhone Apps are all bundled uder this new division on my Library.

Applications group on Library

Applications group on Library

That is not all, the apps are all neatly arranged in a grid:

Neatly arranged, thats how I like it!

Neatly arranged, that's how I like it!

I haven’t got a screenshot of this yet, but there seems to be new icons for all the iPods in the Devices list. They now no longer have blank screens but they vauguely show the homescreen.

It’s a wrap

Well, that is all I have for you now. I will update with the new .Mac Alternatives (2) as soon as I can 🙂




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