iPod Touch Firmware 1.2.0

12 07 2008
Software 2.0

Software 2.0

Popularly know as Software 2.0, this new firmware for iPod Touch owners actually costs some money from Apple. US$10 to be exact. This has always been the case for major software upgrades. Apple always charges the iPod people. I guess this is what we have to live with if you do not own an iPhone. However, the good news here is, I have found a way to do this for free. Yes, free. First, download this file (Update: New Source). Make sure you download the file to your computer. Running it is of no use. When running the upgrade, iTunes may appear to have stalled. Ignore this, the process is just taking a bit longer.


Before you upgrade your iPod, you have to restore it. This is especially important if your iPod Touch has been Jailbroken before. To put the iPod into recovery mode, hold down both the home and sleep/wake button for 20-25 seconds (the shut down screen will appear but keep holding down the buttons). When the Apple Logo appears, let go of the sleep/wake button. It will then ask you to connect your iPod to iTunes. Plug your iPod in and you’re set!

Now, run Apple Updates (on Windows) or Software Update (on Mac OS X). Install all updates. Make sure your system is up to date.

(References to iTunes 7.7 may now refer to a newer updated version of the Software. Check with the iTunes Updater to make sure you have the latest build.)

Basically, you need:

  • OS X Update  (Supports the new firmware)
  • iTunes 7.7     (for App Store)
  • Safari 3.1.2    (for MobileMe support)
  • QuickTime    (for the heck of updating)

Actual Upgrade

During the actual process, make sure the device is still in Recovery Mode. Launch iTunes 7.7 and then plug in your iPod. iTunes will automatically detect your iPod’s state and attempt to restore it. Allow iTunes to do its thing while you go around the iTunes store looking for Apps that may interest you.

When iTunes successfully restores your iPod, it will prompt you to back up from a previously Synced iPod. You may choose to do this if you wish. This does not interfere with the upgrade. Wait for iTunes again.

Once iTunes restores your iPod, go to your iPod’s page in iTunes and hold down Shift ( Alt + Click on Mac OS X ) while clicking on the button that says “Check for Update” or “Update”. This will cause a Window to pop up. When this happens, be it Finder or Explorer, go look for the .ipsw you have downloaded. I recommend putting it on the Desktop for easy access. Once again, let iTunes do its thing while you take a break.

Do note that you must have the latest software updates from Apple, regardless of your Operating Systems. These updates contain vital files to facilitate the upgrade. Once you have upgraded to the new Firmware, you will already have the January Software Upgrade included.

Okay, good luck and all the best!


If you are eager to still Jailbreak your iPod Touch and iPhones, hold on and wait for it. The iPhone DevTeam have released a video of a very promising brand new Pwnage Tool 2.0. The video shows that the software can support the iPhone / iPod Touch Software 2.0 firmware. You can watch the video here. The steps look extremely easy. After the launch of the Software, all we would need would be the actual jailbroken custome 1.2.0 Firmware.




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