Welcome Note

10 07 2008

by Ravenizer


Why should I read this Blog

Well, hello there. This is just an introduction to why you see this blog added to the ever growing blogosphere. Basically, I realized that my blog is getting really untidy. The focus in content was extremely horrible. As such, I decided to start my own Tech blog to make up for the Technology Section that was causing such a huge clutter in my Blog. In addition to that, I would also like to tell my dedicated readers from the previous blog, I have decided to embrace WordPress. Therefore, I will mirror my Xanga blog on another WordPress Blog that I have created. Well Yeah, that is all about the blog’s presence.

What this Blog will Do for Me

Yes, you may think that this is just another one of those other TechBlogs. But I beg to differ. This blog is not just about the Tech. It is about how YOU can use the Tech to your advantage. There are going to be some super neat tricks coming up in the near future, so keep reading and coming back for more. There will also be a mailing system for you to send in your suggestions or just plainly, ask for help. I hope to be able to respond to them asap. Haha.

When will you Update

I plan to update this blog at a minimum frequency of once a week. You can expect more posts in between, but mostly, it would be once a week for now.




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